Aliaj Fanar
No.3,1st Flr., Koulivand Alley, North Ssheikh Bahaie St. Molla Sadra Ave., Tehran - Iran
Tel: +98-(0)21-88211563-4
Fax: +98- (0)21- 88211565

Aliaj Fanar  develops and manufactures advanced spring wire         
from alloys for applications where the quality and performance  
requirements are extremely strict. The main application is   
transmission springs systems.


OMID group represents the union of 3 companies, OMID FANAR,  
ALIAJ FANAR , OMID HIRAD , specialized in the production of  
WIRES - SPRINGS  and its derivatives, companies that share a  
common vision of quality for the best customer satisfaction.


High resistance tempered steel wires for the automotive and  
aerospace industry or, more in general, anywhere there is a use of  
elastic components in critical conditions with strong mechanical  
stresses such as suspensions springs, etc.

OMID GROUP is based on four guiding values;
1. Customer focus
2. Value-creating processes
3. Continuous improvement
4. Respect for the individual
Our vision is to strengthen our unique world-
leading position as suppliers of induction
tempered transmission spring wire as well as
other high quality wire products and strive
for the position as the customers’ preferred
choice and long-term partner.
About us
Aliaj Fanar Company is located in the
ShamsAabad Town lndustrial Zone of
Tehran city,Tehran province..The company
has a staff of more than 30 persons,among
whom 9 persons are senior engineers,
economists and professors,and 21 of them
are with medium-grade professional titles.
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